@hell0jed not unpossimble – 01:14 AM GMT
@mubay @manwhoyells which shell, gates? – 01:16 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: Any Google Inbox invites? – 01:16 AM GMT
@annkpowers @SouthwestAir except the prospects of the future of contemporary country music – 01:18 AM GMT
@annkpowers also I’m sorry you are cranky. you’ll be home soon. you’re a kind person and a genius, you can handle it. – 01:20 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed children? we like children! – 01:21 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed in theory anyway – 01:21 AM GMT
@annkpowers well, soon is relative. channel the feels, right? – 01:22 AM GMT
the faucet’s on again – 03:31 AM GMT
@bradleystein we have the rain – 03:37 AM GMT
@naxuu aaargh i literally consciously decided not to watch it tonite, i knew it was a mistake – 06:42 AM GMT
RT: @mighty_flynn: The last administration that never went to war, never dropped a bomb, never fired a bullet. pic.twitter.com/LidVJLJnB7 – 11:22 PM GMT