Deputy nucky’s dental appliance – 02:26 AM GMT
@esinclai @azender as Anne says, “putty nose wins” – 03:34 AM GMT
wow another semi jacknife on 5, NB this time. – 12:37 PM GMT
RT: @wsdot_traffic: Ha! Just what we wanted! Jackknifed semi blocking all lanes NB 5 Mercer! Happy Wednesday! – 12:44 PM GMT
rain outside sounds like waterfall – 01:01 PM GMT
@azender @esinclai one thing which does not appear to be sfx is buscemi’s skull-face. delightful. – 02:53 PM GMT
RT: @editor_b: Found on Banks Street. Not legal tender, apparently. – 03:02 PM GMT
@snocounty @wsdot_traffic is there, like, a public-affairs twitter account hangout where you guys gather after work? – 03:57 PM GMT
@snocounty @wsdot_traffic so just like any PNW online meetup 😉 – 04:10 PM GMT
@Iron_Spike @LeavittAlone BAMF amirite – 06:47 PM GMT
RT: @johnmoe: Angry board game enthusiasts writing out vitriolic letters by hand, going to remote post offices, mailing them to board game journalists. – 06:49 PM GMT
@piesportsbooze @cstross seems shorter than I expected – 11:27 PM GMT