@2000AD @juliascheele @molcher @arthurwyatt you know, some Beaton Dredd would be pretty cool – 12:17 AM GMT
@moniguzman @nytimes the NYT fingerwagging about hysteria and susceptibility to poorly reasoned ideas will never not be funny after Iraq – 12:19 AM GMT
RT: @VictorMourning: This is big news here in hillbilly country: Stringbean’s murderer to be released on parole tinyurl.com/oxslntt – 12:22 AM GMT
Wife just asked if i watched any more of that, “uh, the Ripper show, what’s it called… White Castle!” meaning, of course, “Whitechapel”. – 04:08 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt they respond to reports of fast food crime, so it’s a hybrid procedural slash kitchen reality show – 04:56 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: Roy: There’s only two of us now.Pris: Then we’re stupid and we’ll die. – 06:09 AM GMT
@mubay literally the best – 06:10 AM GMT
@JoeTheDough @middleclasstool so what you’re saying here is this is national pants week? which nation, exactly? – 12:03 PM GMT
RT: @VictorMourning: From 1942: “Can the mighty Captain America be in time to save Bucky from the Horror of the feuding mountaineers?” pic.twitter.com/HyYc6lgArw – 01:41 PM GMT
attn @arthurwyatt crunchyroll.com/girls-und-panz… – 06:20 PM GMT
what a beautiful afternoon. – 11:22 PM GMT
in the grim darkness of the far future, there are only crisp sunny fall afternoons – 11:23 PM GMT
@hell0jed I’d RT you but private acct, so. At any rate I love the wannameme – 11:24 PM GMT
@hell0jed @gjcharlet it is the season where we must all be examined for the makers mark, yes – 11:25 PM GMT
@hell0jed @gjcharlet in the grim dark of the far future, only those without the makers mark know the four steps – 11:26 PM GMT