@mubay I have been thinking a out this, and I think we are multiply fucked. – 02:42 AM GMT
@mubay not in the “will kill more people than guns or cars” or other good things sense – 02:43 AM GMT
@mubay but in the “no budget allocation for frontline workers” sense, due to limited projected danger and also MBA culture – 02:44 AM GMT
@mubay basically, if you have a friend who is a nurse, they are going to be deliberately placed at-risk over the next six months – 02:44 AM GMT
@mubay after such time realistic management strategies will evolve, over the bloody bodies of the specific hospital that hosts the start – 02:45 AM GMT
@mubay which leads me to further say, “fuck this.” – 02:46 AM GMT
night of the thin man after N beers and a whole pizza.. – 03:18 AM GMT
song. song of the thin man. – 03:26 AM GMT
“buddy hollis” – 03:32 AM GMT
oh i always forget half the dialog in this flick is jazz argot. solid. i love this fillum. – 04:16 AM GMT
@theBees solid, gates – 04:22 AM GMT
RT: @deathmtn: I look forward to Cook, Zuckerburg waving grandly, exclaiming “Behold!” at their corporate egg silos. telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsby… Via @nd_kane. – 03:31 PM GMT
RT: @deathmtn: Each egg floats in a cylinder mounted to a repurposed server rack, rotating imperceptibly. Naturally, they’re backed up in a mirror silo. – 03:32 PM GMT
RT: @deathmtn: Once or twice a year, Zuckerberg smashes one open and eats it. Chaos testing, he says. – 03:32 PM GMT
RT: @deathmtn: They are all in varying stages of growth. They vary wildly in deformity, but they are all wearing black turtlenecks. – 03:32 PM GMT
RT: @deathmtn: But no, there are no eggs here at all. Just writhing humanoid figures in glass cubes howling unintelligibly but forcefully. – 03:32 PM GMT
RT: @deathmtn: You thought you made it into Alexandria, Apple’s newest egg silo, nested within the perpetual fog at the center of their ring-headquarters. – 03:32 PM GMT