i have a huge gig happening, thousands of pics to process. happily i have my office setup such that i can do the work lying down. – 01:49 AM GMT
@mubay “having a stroke” mmmhmmm – 01:54 AM GMT
RT: @spacearcheology: Waiting for the Summerisle results to come in but the returning officer seems to have disappeared without a trace. #indyref – 04:03 AM GMT
RT: @BernardKeane: @JohnRossBowie @rfidler Doesn’t Lord Summerisle have the single vote there? – 04:03 AM GMT
RT: @CarluccioB: Summerisle declaration expected shortly. Nice video here spotlights life on Summerisle. #ScotlandDecides youtube.com/watch?v=LzCSSv… – 04:03 AM GMT
RT: @shanefolan: This just in. Summerisle has voted 98% no #indyref – 04:04 AM GMT
RT: @Quickieleaks: Britain First and EDL supporters remind me of villagers in the film “The Wicker Man” but who is Lord Summerisle? – 04:05 AM GMT
@manwhoyells Not! i have not upgraded. plus my 4 is just a 4, think it fell off the supported devices list. – 02:34 PM GMT
Nice Minutemen thing: adioslounge.com/i-stand-for-la… – 03:01 PM GMT
@DanEngler ooh, there is. lemme find it. – 11:00 PM GMT
@DanEngler i was csrtain I had seen a german word that expressed this. but chooglin’ google produces aught. – 11:15 PM GMT
@DanEngler a discussion precisely to your point: linguaphiles.livejournal.com/3935719.html – 11:15 PM GMT
@DanEngler i therefore proclaim the word to be, as of this date and for all time forward, “fauxstalgia.” – 11:16 PM GMT
@elizarde @gjcharlet The man in the yellow hat is looking for a monkey, as i understand it. – 11:18 PM GMT
ah the delights of an entire workday crumbling to dust under the onslaught of a failed boot drive – 11:20 PM GMT
@DanEngler there’s a fine epistemological point there, but fair enough. cornstalgia? too specific. – 11:24 PM GMT