@johnmcquaid @brownpau “my helmet, my kindom for” WHACK – 01:18 AM GMT
@brownpau stay strong! – 01:19 AM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: “My parents hit me and *I* turned out just fine,” says someone who finds it acceptable to physically assault a defenseless child. – 01:23 AM GMT
@pedantrix @deathmtn ORTOLAN FOR THE ASSEMBLED VIEWERS – 01:28 AM GMT
@brownpau can’t remember what drive me to it. i bitched (here) for months. Try that, it’s totally fun! – 01:30 AM GMT
Fuck you, Apple. Never again will i keep a multipoint doc in your cruddy cloud. macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-sof… – 05:23 PM GMT
“If you upgrade, you won’t be able to access spreadsheets in iCloud from devices with iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks.” Seriously, fuck you. – 05:25 PM GMT
And just so you don’t feel left out, Google, fuck you too for repurposing docs.google.com and enforcing an extra click. Genius. – 05:27 PM GMT
@mubay I thought maybe you were having a stroke – 09:25 PM GMT
@sumit quote the inspector’s speech and nod knowingly – 09:34 PM GMT
@mubay I apologize for the ribald slang – 10:15 PM GMT