RT: @lorenacupcake: cash the check and don’t read the comments – 02:20 AM GMT
@elizarde possibly the first time the word kookum ever used in the state – 02:29 AM GMT
@brandonblatcher good one, raising thsi over dinner with the wife – 02:30 AM GMT
@elizarde @BitterOldPunk cansplaining gets a pass – 02:31 AM GMT
it is the very pith of summer in the PNW tonight dear friends – 02:32 AM GMT
RT: @ftrain: If you are like me and listen to weird things to fall asleep might I suggest baseball games from the 1930s archive.org/details/OtrBas… – 04:02 AM GMT
@gjcharlet GJ, in a way, he is there. You already know this. He’s telling you you can do this, and so am I. – 04:44 AM GMT
hunh, “ybarek,” roughly a homophone of my last name, is Arabic for “bless,” I guess. Googlefish thinks it’s written thus: يبارك – 07:12 AM GMT
RT: @mangopowergirl: Enterprise to Space Needle: are you my mamma? @StarTrek on giant screen under the stars @SeattleCenter #startrek LLAP pic.twitter.com/AuKT7YVDWK – 03:56 PM GMT
RT: @mubay: Fremont outdoor movies pic.twitter.com/M1MyijBTbD – 03:56 PM GMT
@sumit lol. easy there big fella. – 04:10 PM GMT
@sumit i found it endearing. for some reason Twitter is well suited to them, I find. Burstlets that summon agitated pacing, handwaving. – 04:14 PM GMT
@whybark Dirty old river must you keep rolling flowing into the night – 05:43 PM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: We are all randering. – 06:38 PM GMT
RT: @AntonioFrench: Subject of iconic photo speaks of anger, excitement stltoday.com/news/local/cri… pic.twitter.com/UKXGfb0gjd – 11:27 PM GMT
Prior retweet is worth a read. When tear gas canisters drop next to you, you get rid of them. How can I not identify. – 11:29 PM GMT