@telemetrist gotcha. Looks like Dan in on Wednesday. – 06:55 AM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: Via a confluence of luck and magic (and the sweat of mwhybark’s brow), I get to see the Bears play the… instagram.com/p/sBe_ORATlU/ – 07:02 AM GMT
interesting reflection on Seattle policing and Ferguson: medium.com/@GuarneroRicar… – 06:28 PM GMT
@telemetrist dang it! OK. Hope to see you Monday. – 06:29 PM GMT
.@blakebabies OK, I’m in. Looking forward to what ensues. – 06:34 PM GMT
@mighty_flynn they have a slightly newer variation with frogfoot sox too. I got the frog model when there, though. aquasox.milbstore.com/store_contents… – 06:41 PM GMT
@mighty_flynn and OH YEAH my buddy was wearing his birmingham biscuits tee and there was a man wearing a biscuits cap in the shop too. – 06:42 PM GMT