RT: @wonderchicken: “Busload Of Faith” by @LouReed is my new jam. Listen: t.thisismyjam.com/wonderchicken/… – 01:48 AM GMT
@brownpau oh man, the late-period Poirot is so good. Suchet was clearly all, “oh, yeah?” at Jeremy Brett. – 01:53 AM GMT
RT: @macklemore: Full circle. #thriftshop #bobblehead. instagram.com/p/r298e6wKwZ/ – 01:56 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake right on. you’re a heroine! hero. um – 01:58 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake but you are. totally grateful for you being there, IRL, and here, digitally. hugs and whatnot. – 01:59 AM GMT