@komara @LeavittAlone back in the WTO day, we got them to run out of tear gas. that’s the question. what after that? – 05:11 AM GMT
RT: @NBCNews: Capt. Ron Johnson at Michael Brown rally: I am you. I will defend your right to protest. nbcnews.to/Xt3iPD pic.twitter.com/yIEJomp9k1 – 05:27 AM GMT
RT: @RobertKlemko: Capt Johnson is now arresting us. – 05:27 AM GMT
@hell0jed you used to be able to post via commandline from unixlikes, iirc. maybe you still can. – 05:42 AM GMT
RT: @mattfrost: When you’re your dad’s age, the equivalent of him clicking on malware spam will be you stepping into an Uber car that harvests your organs. – 05:22 PM GMT
RT: @Gawker: People keep getting into strangers’ cars because they think it’s an Uber gaw.kr/QPrtGLl – 05:23 PM GMT
Expanding industry, growth opportunities: seattle.craigslist.org/est/med/458358… – 09:05 PM GMT
“The subject heading must be: “DECAPITATED HEAD” so that we may track all candidates accurately.” – 09:11 PM GMT