.@naxuu @misskeli another cool trick is ‘sunsetting’ core features from app/desktop and gating them via annual subscription fees. Win-win! – 01:01 AM GMT
@stynxno (1/n) list desired features. Sort: must have and nice to have. Determine car type. Look at Consumer Reports website for ratings. – 01:03 AM GMT
@stynxno once car class and two or three models ID’d, go to Edmonds.com or similar. geosearche to get idea of region inventory, $ – 01:05 AM GMT
@stynxno execute similar searches on CL to learn diff b/t Edmonds (or Kelly, whatevs) sugg, dealer list, and CL seller offers. – 01:06 AM GMT
@stynxno by now, you should have a model in mind, a model year range, and a budget. Pick one route: dealer, or private party. – 01:07 AM GMT
@stynxno then look at at least three cars. Pick one. Offer 30% less than your absolute max. Expect to settle at 15% of absolute max. – 01:08 AM GMT
@stynxno do NOT exceed absolute max. – 01:09 AM GMT
@stynxno oh, and one more thing: if private party sale, get a comprehensive mech eval before buying but after expressing offer interest. – 01:10 AM GMT
@stynxno hope that helps. – 01:10 AM GMT
@surlygourmand eff yeah. Shoreline (and points north) for Korean for sure. – 01:11 AM GMT
@stynxno good luck! buy used but not too used. – 04:20 AM GMT
another Goodwill find (passed) pic.twitter.com/On6FHvCZPz – 05:13 AM GMT
@poupou there’s a major software development company skulking around my neighborhood, looking for features to pull – 06:53 AM GMT
@surlygourmand ah! so your modest proposal: next sitka & spruce should have Aurora address. Absolutely. – 05:18 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt art in DC we met a conservator who is tasked with figuring out how to safely display old radium paint flight instrument panels – 09:13 PM GMT