@LeavittAlone i don’t remember hating the Ed Harris Pollock one. Never watched Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh, can’t recall word on it. Hmm… – 04:58 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone there is a Kurosawa Van Gogh segment that was pretty weird, therefore good, iirc. brb. – 04:58 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone ha ha, oh right: Marty is Vincent. 1990. youtube.com/watch?v=Gk2116… – 05:00 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone and OH YEAH American Splendor, Giamatti as pekar by Zwigoff. There. One great film. – 05:04 AM GMT
@mighty_flynn Passed on a slightly-worn white-logo black twill White Sox 7 3/8 New Era at the Goodwill today, Thought of you. – 10:13 PM GMT
.@johnmoe misread this as Pie of Teriyaki. Will give it a shot and update you. – 10:16 PM GMT