@mubay >.O – 04:49 AM GMT
VICTORY on front one in the WAR ON TECHNOLOGY HOSERATION is declared. Reinforcements to fit the remaining battle due in next week. – 09:04 AM GMT
wait it’s TWO AYEM? The war on technology hoseration is itself an hoseration. Just who’s in charge of this madhouse, anyway? – 09:17 AM GMT
Malaysian? hoo boy – 03:34 PM GMT
it is pretty fucked up that 265 people dying reads like a joke. no, that’s not quite right, because it literally actually is a joke. – 03:56 PM GMT
or maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t know. It’s possible today might be a good day to stay offline. – 03:57 PM GMT
@deathmtn oh, that should be well in circulation by now, i would guess – 10:05 PM GMT