long, detailed corporate acquisition dream – 01:53 PM GMT
for some reason I was retained as the veep of something unclear and had to run a deck at an all hands meeting – 01:54 PM GMT
the new ceo believed in “performance management,” which involved the use of large bladed weapons in business meetings – 01:55 PM GMT
specifically, in the practice of sword swallowing and sideshow skewring. – 01:56 PM GMT
pretty sure the merger is a scam – 01:56 PM GMT
RT: @ericweddle: Bizarre & unfolding Lafayette story about a widow, her rotting husband found in his house & string of past marriages on.jconline.com/1zIGbiA – 02:03 PM GMT
.@ericweddle “He wanted his body to be eaten by birds, she said” – 02:03 PM GMT
RT: @praguepainter: Faking the Moon Landing: The Strange History of NASA’s First Lunar Simulators motherboard.vice.com/read/the-stran… via @motherboard – 02:06 PM GMT