@sambosambo now I’m nearly sure it’s on an iPhone charger. iPad chargers have more juice. learned this the hard way on the road. – 12:43 AM GMT
@sambosambo if there’s a p/n on the charger, look it up. Cables can be at fault too, iirc. Long thin iPhone cables won’t work. – 12:46 AM GMT
@sambosambo good news here is replacing the suspect links (charger, cable) is super cheap. – 12:47 AM GMT
@sambosambo good man! – 12:47 AM GMT
@sambosambo iirc short OEM iPhone cables can work with iPad charger, but long non-Apple ones definitely won’t. Has to do with resistance? – 12:49 AM GMT
@sambosambo or something? anyway, longer cables explicitly rated for iPad. Generic USB chargers also won’t work – iPad has higher draw need. – 12:50 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @JoanArkham @desjardins @phirephoenix you backed the corn dodger? – 12:50 AM GMT
@sambosambo sweet! – 01:33 AM GMT
@sambosambo and SCENE! ebay.com/sch/i.html?_tr… – 01:35 AM GMT
@sambosambo or Amazon, either way, but the ebay listings give a price floor, I think. – 01:36 AM GMT
@telemetrist nearly went tonite! going to an A’s game and the Monday Mets. – 04:15 AM GMT
eeeeyaugh flightsim controller configuratin’ RAAAGE – 07:37 AM GMT
Bounced at the border: my friend Holly is denied US exit by the TSA due to a worn passport. She’s passing the hat. gofundme.com/b5sxx4 – 05:33 PM GMT