@hodgman appears to still be avail via Amazon Prime, fwiw – 12:45 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Roger Rabbit is Forrest Gump? I take your larger meaning, though. – 12:48 AM GMT
@middleclasstool mobilitychoices.com/buy/mc003454/t… ? – 02:00 AM GMT
@middleclasstool crazy, maybe not from UK vendor, one hopes – 02:03 AM GMT
@middleclasstool dressier finish, amazon: amazon.com/Round-Metal-4-… – 02:08 AM GMT
@middleclasstool yeesh – 03:22 AM GMT
@matthewbaldwin uh oh – 03:23 AM GMT
@cstross seems like this might be up your alley, writing the genre history of disaster capitalism as you are: tampabay.com/news/business/… – 05:02 PM GMT
New China Mieville! tor.com/stories/2014/0… – 05:04 PM GMT
@esinclai nbd. new Maciej, too – 05:40 PM GMT
RT: @praguepainter: my birthday present: a book on vintage tshirts from 70s and 80s — after the apocalypse I’ll be wandering around staring at it, muttering – 05:41 PM GMT
@sumit what’s he building in there? /squints at shed – 11:43 PM GMT
.@sumit (prior China source) notes that bald feller’s got another one up too: ow.ly/ySQmj – 11:44 PM GMT
@sambosambo are you using a ipad charger or an iphone charger? i’m not 100% sure but i think i can imagine a busy ipad outpulling the latter – 11:51 PM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt you guys could declare a table signing for like three people! – 11:51 PM GMT