@matthewbaldwin bbedit, maybe sorta? if you have an ftp client? been a long time. – 01:50 AM GMT
@manwhoyells cool, reminds me of this mini set of bone dominos i got in guadalajara as a kid – 03:42 AM GMT
pic.twitter.com/JJM7iYdKNL – 04:59 PM GMT
RT: @mubay: @mwhybark Too soon! – 07:33 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm ent thems the same band, really? – 11:54 PM GMT
@hell0jed dogs be good – 11:54 PM GMT
RT: @mcgee_gorgo: Person ahead of me at the used book depot gave away a copy of Atlas Shrugged; I guess it’s your call what to make of that – 11:55 PM GMT