@arthurwyatt has she been here long enough to recall The Blob, in LQA? Tell her it’s a sculpting project. – 05:13 AM GMT
@sumit scroobius pip? – 09:16 AM GMT
@sumit legion, one presumes – 03:26 PM GMT
@anticdent inorite – 03:28 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt oh yeah? no self subtweeting! – 03:32 PM GMT
RT: @madamjujujive: Proposed in Berkeley: dispensaries must offer free medical marijuana to the poor, allocating up to 2% of stock nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Ber… – 03:32 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone @brownpau but it says “share” right there – 11:13 PM GMT
@DanEngler Viv will be pleased to hear this. i just shared my vision of a sub-70 degree year and was met with a moue of disapprobation. – 11:14 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone @brownpau dude it’s right there in red and white, the colors of the Internationale – 11:21 PM GMT
@theBees @LeavittAlone @brownpau right, it’s sex-worker socialism for the masses, all in the power of a guy named Leavitt on vacay in maine – 11:34 PM GMT
Fuck you, FB. I *KNOW* I haven’t told you or my FB contacts my birthday. Showing me one you made up is a dick move. pic.twitter.com/7RFCqUM1bp – 11:48 PM GMT