@paulconstant yeesh! – 04:56 AM GMT
@paulconstant friended! for some reason iOS FB wouldn’t let me tag you in the comments. Should be findable nonetheless. – 05:01 AM GMT
Wow, I just now noticed it’s Kavalier & Clay, not Klay. Of course. Distracted by old video game character Klayman, I guess. – 05:07 AM GMT
RT: @brownpau: Had an awful dream that a new Trek movie was made called “Star Trek: Love 2.0” about how Captain Sulu fell in love and became Demora’s dad. – 04:17 PM GMT
Overnight dream: charged $500 for a single espresso at a restaurant. arguing with the business and staff about it for hours. Woke up angry. – 09:10 PM GMT
@DanEngler yum! – 09:16 PM GMT