A live, five-hour adaptation of Kavalier & Klay. I quite enjoyed it. book-it.org/mainstageseaso… – 06:50 AM GMT
@brownpau you and your army of hovering video drones will get the story! – 06:57 AM GMT
RT: @matthewbaldwin: The Seattle Freeze, a superhero who says he will fight for your rights but then never shows up. – 05:29 PM GMT
@agent_cooper likely you mean B-17, but I take your meaning! Saw it yesterday and it woke me this morning around 9. – 06:38 PM GMT
.@agent_cooper they’ll be here today and tomorrow, B-17, B-29, and a Mustang. Fell asleep after hearing it this morning, dreamt I was on it. – 06:39 PM GMT
@agent_cooper B-29? I think maybe I mean a B-24. Hang on. – 06:40 PM GMT
@agent_cooper I do mean B-24. collingsfoundation.org/cf_schedule-wo… – 06:41 PM GMT
@agent_cooper low slow flights over I-5, ha ha, carbon and deisel aerosoling down in black plumes from the summer sky – 06:42 PM GMT
@matthewbaldwin if you didn’t source that cotton rag deckle edge at a proper sutler your claim will be examined askance – 06:46 PM GMT
Having slept on it: if you live in Seattle, love comics history, and have a chance and five hours to rub together, go see Kavalier & Klay. – 06:49 PM GMT
A worthy adaptation. book-it.org/mainstageseaso… – through July 13. iI suppose it might help to have read the book, but not a requirement. – 06:51 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt yes! – 08:16 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt just posted a capsule review on FB (cc @paulconstant, who seems to not be in my FB peeps) m.facebook.com/story.php?stor… – 08:19 PM GMT
@mubay @agent_cooper in my dream this morning looking out the starboard cockpit window we were below the power tower tops at the ship canal – 08:20 PM GMT
@mubay @agent_cooper then, looking forward, he took us under the bridge, and then below some residential pole-mounted lines. – 08:21 PM GMT
@mubay @agent_cooper I told him his liability insurance couldn’t possibly cover that. he then flew alongside of a semi back to Boeing Field – 08:22 PM GMT