@BitterOldPunk @desjardins @elizarde as a particular expert in round food, allow me to interject: pie. – 03:08 PM GMT
@elizarde @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @desjardins @trishalynn @BitterOldPunk @Specklet pic.twitter.com/32oIpwT08b – 04:10 PM GMT
@elizarde @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @desjardins @trishalynn @BitterOldPunk @Specklet pic.twitter.com/xiOEU4oFIt – 04:11 PM GMT
@elizarde @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @desjardins @trishalynn @BitterOldPunk @Specklet I could go on – 04:11 PM GMT
@trishalynn @elizarde @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @desjardins @BitterOldPunk @Specklet pic.twitter.com/1EOwtiiYcy – 04:15 PM GMT
@trishalynn @elizarde @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @desjardins @BitterOldPunk @Specklet pic.twitter.com/2Sm0QUwVwe – 04:16 PM GMT
.@matthewbaldwin they are bluetooth-enabled neurostims, a licensed reproduction of Captain Picard’s Ressikan flute from “The Inner Light”. – 04:33 PM GMT
@matthewbaldwin surprised you didn’t know this – 04:33 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk @misskeli I wonder if I can make banh mi pie – 04:36 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @elizarde @BitterOldPunk @desjardins please note: round crust + eggy custard = quichesque. perhaps pie. – 09:55 PM GMT
@elizarde @ankus @desjardins @trishalynn @Specklet @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @BitterOldPunk @arthurwyatt point of order: Eskimo Pies – 09:59 PM GMT
@elizarde @ankus @desjardins @trishalynn @Specklet @MCMikeNamara @bibliogrrl @BitterOldPunk finally, stuffed crust pizza. Calzone. Poptart. – 10:00 PM GMT