RT: @mubay: I never understood why a company called Michaelsoft was run by a guy named Bill, then a guy named Steve. – 05:52 AM GMT
.@BoringPostcards @popdose Chilton’s widow, a friend of mine since we were in college, is down on the writer and unhappy with the project. – 05:37 PM GMT
RT: @UziSuzuki: Look at how unimpressed Toki is with a beaver my dad caught last night. Can’t be bothered. pic.twitter.com/SUwVsUdOLO – 05:45 PM GMT
Prior RT for Cam and Josh – 05:45 PM GMT
@esinclai @BoringPostcards she posted a brief denouncement on FB. Seemed to be trying to express what she thought Alex would have felt. – 05:51 PM GMT
@BoringPostcards @esinclai there’s this other thing too, in that he wasn’t even ambivalent about the Big Star stuff. He was unhappy with it. – 05:58 PM GMT
@BoringPostcards @esinclai so downstream attention that stems from that work provoked his displeasure. As I understand it. – 05:58 PM GMT
Extended sojourn to the land of no wifi finally drives me off the official Twitter app. Man, it’s terrible. – 08:56 PM GMT