@mugubrainpan hee hee hee. well, once I get set to JB that shizz, I shall so set sail! I mean, phone crashes are why I never did that before – 12:01 AM GMT
@mugubrainpan and look at you, twitterin’! – 12:02 AM GMT
RT: @owengood: This is why Kickstarter is such a triumph: Silicon Valley figured out a way to offload all the risk of a new venture onto the consumer. – 12:03 AM GMT
First look at Faceboculus, modeled by J. Frakes pic.twitter.com/yNRzMAmVFE – 12:52 AM GMT
@memurrell @manwhoyells @DanEngler it sounds good to me! but not very Klingish. “notes of caramel?” – 12:53 AM GMT
@memurrell @manwhoyells @DanEngler “it is a … *soft* fruit. I do not care for it.” /Worf voice – 01:35 AM GMT
@DanEngler @memurrell @manwhoyells gramps was a Klingon! Who knew? – 01:35 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @memurrell @DanEngler hm, gay Riker. interesting, filthy. supported in canon. hmmmm – 05:34 AM GMT
@sugarfreak this came up in our aftertalk post-“The Wind Rises” – 05:43 AM GMT
@ftrain you’ll never believe this one quick trick to tail apache logs directly – don’t let it hide behind admin priviliege! – 03:03 PM GMT
After a two hours of struggle, I was able locate and check out ebooks for my iPad from SPL. two additional logins beyond my library ID. – 05:42 PM GMT
The additional logins were to Amazon, to access Kindle-format items via the iPad Kindle app, and an “Adobe ID,” to access DRM ebooks in-app. – 05:43 PM GMT
The app is something called “OverDrive Media Console,” which is a sandbox for accessing DRM library content, both ebooks and audiobooks. – 05:45 PM GMT
In and of itself, that’s a PITA. But real problem was catalog discoverability. Only the most limited taxonomy is avail for topic narrowing. – 05:46 PM GMT
e.g., “History,” yes, but not “American History.” No apparent provision for Dewey decimal browsing, either. – 05:47 PM GMT
“Advanced Search” did not add additional search features. There did not appear to be support for Booloean or either Google flavor operators. – 05:49 PM GMT
So partial title search or author search was as close to a keyword or topic search as I could get, which produced oversmall result sets. – 05:50 PM GMT
individual info pages for specific books presented algorithmic suggestions, which was somewhat helpful. but if the author was prolific … – 05:51 PM GMT
… the suggestion set was entirely works by that author. Additionally, there was no way to refresh suggestions without reloading … – 05:51 PM GMT
… and the in-app browser did not have a dedicated refresh button, so you have to nav back and then forward. – 05:52 PM GMT
@esinclai well, I’m still glad to see it for multiplat finally. for *years* of *this century* it was wintel-or-browser only. – 05:54 PM GMT
@esinclai in end user value, not sure it’s worth the hassle for leisure reading. would be worthwhile for research if dewey implemented. – 05:55 PM GMT
@esinclai however, audiobook access, based on inflated cost to buy audiobooks, may be worthwhile, depending on playback features. – 05:56 PM GMT
@mubay they saw the speedsuit pix and were all hell yes – 10:52 PM GMT
@rjl20 @sculpin what y’all in need of hyar is some o that bear grease pomade. – 10:56 PM GMT