@LeavittAlone a masterpiece! “A solo upon the viol d’amour” – 01:16 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone oooh i used to know this – 01:32 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone wikipedia has the German rules, but not the English. I bet the English use was similar but lax. – 01:36 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone oop, link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_s – 01:36 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone i got it! in this example, the rule is long ſ at ſtart or within, short s to end ONLY. didn’t ſee exceptions – 01:40 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone boom! – 01:41 AM GMT
not that this makes much sense, but it’s still kind of amazing: m.youtube.com/watch?v=9HvaFh… – 05:42 PM GMT
i guess that kinda describes Star Wars too – 05:43 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough shut up hippy – 05:48 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough beep beep beep, oh no the coins keep coming put, beep beep beep, even the telephone hates me, beep beep beep – 05:52 PM GMT