@kystokes you are officially on the edge of the commuter range to Seattle. – 12:34 AM GMT
ATTN TEAM SCDP medium.com/sterling-coope… – 12:37 AM GMT
X @brownpau the resolution on your tie is funny – 12:40 AM GMT
@imontheradio @LeavittAlone John, Stephanie. Stephanie, John. – 12:42 AM GMT
@anticdent reinventing the blogroll? – 01:31 AM GMT
RT: @PicPedant: Didn’t get to do this image on BBC but I think it’s prob fake; compare statue lighting & sun position (@hughesroland) pic.twitter.com/f5XUIJX37E – 01:36 AM GMT
@brownpau Ha ha nice! Also, just watched the segment, good job! You know, your next move should be a submissions queue + blog. Then recruit. – 02:38 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone @phoebenorth I have a pseudonymous FB pal who goes by Risa Love. Just now got the joke. – 02:40 AM GMT
@billmon1 @madamjujujive his shaking, palsied hands – 02:41 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone @phoebenorth Tom Riker shows up, runs up a huge bill, steals a long range shuttle – 02:43 AM GMT
RT: @theebikinikill: The newly expanded Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah LP will be out on April 15th! Seven unreleased tracks, new liner notes. bikinikill.bandcamp.com/album/yeah-yea… – 06:30 PM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo i favor a thirty-year old orange-and-black striped Haitian ironwood walking stick when needed – 06:46 PM GMT