@LeavittAlone here’s to the shine man, where’er he may be – 01:44 AM GMT
@billbarol the experience can be improved by pretending the Elvis character was written to represent Jerry Lee – 01:47 AM GMT
what in hell can it mean if you are listening to a Mozart concerto arranged for orchestra and the strings sound horribly out of tune? – 01:53 AM GMT
My ears are nuts? or there are no-wave orchestral recordings of Mozart? – 01:54 AM GMT
Marx would likely say my ears are nuts, but rule 34, niche-market corollary, would dispute him. – 01:55 AM GMT
@anildash and delivers via tweet – 03:12 AM GMT
@anildash you @ the service with the URL of the podcast episode – 03:15 AM GMT
@anildash or email or wevs – 03:16 AM GMT
@anildash and a version that does this for video-only user manuals! oh, now I’m getting greedy. – 03:17 AM GMT
attn @DanEngler @manwhoyells @editor_b blogs.seattletimes.com/allyoucaneat/t… (note “U Mad Bro” in particular) – 03:22 AM GMT
@ftrain that’s what I heard, too. – 08:59 PM GMT
RT: @sumit: Lossy transmission: Moonlight Sonata, bounced off the moon vine.co/v/h3vTlJQU0BE – 09:08 PM GMT
@sumit you should shake a quote out of Chris Foss on this Glenn Brown deal, eh? – 11:46 PM GMT
RT: @Medievalists: How does a 5-year-old William Marshal escape from being catapulted against his father’s castle? medievalists.net/2014/01/09/how… #medieval – 11:50 PM GMT
@anticdent @esinclai note preceding RT, locale of child’s never-was flight – 11:51 PM GMT