My dad, asking the random Korean dude at the kaiten place for advice on finding a long lost Korean friend. – 04:43 AM GMT
“She taught at the woman’s university in Seoul?” – 04:45 AM GMT
Korean dude earnestly suggests Googling for that. – 04:45 AM GMT
@esinclai @manwhoyells then later Mom is all, “No! His name was Park! He was assassinated! She was his neice!” – 07:35 AM GMT
@iasshole vague handwavy Ke$ha reference – 07:38 AM GMT
@mubay with all hands – 07:43 AM GMT
wait, it’s Christmas Eve in fifteen minutes? – 07:45 AM GMT
Once again I failed to present the Osiris Claus nativity calendar. Not happy about this. – 07:49 AM GMT
well. WTF, eh y’all? – 08:06 AM GMT
RT: @ftrain: Breadcrumb trail: “Home » Bjork » Iceland’s hidden elves delay road projects”… – 08:13 AM GMT
atTN SEATTLE: it is the Norseish elves.… – 08:13 AM GMT
KING FM is going hard cut from medieval plainsong to lounge piano colporteur holiday medleys. I like it. – 08:15 AM GMT
Finito para El Puerco Lloron. Shit, I may cry myself. That’s a tragedy.… – 08:19 AM GMT
on iOS auuugh… – 08:23 AM GMT
@deathmtn I keep a weather eye out for images that combine Santa and Egyptianalia during the year. I have nearly enough this year. – 08:34 PM GMT
@deathmtn my favorite thing about this particular goof is that Osiris Claus must have green skin, thereby making him, in fact, the Grinch. – 08:35 PM GMT
@deathmtn and of course, what holiday is complete without this?… – 08:36 PM GMT
@hell0jed here you go. – 08:46 PM GMT
@hell0jed easiest layer work ever. did it in PS Touch on iPad, even! – 08:51 PM GMT
@hell0jed ha ha just noticed the scale issues. look at the Alliance dudes in FG and the baggage cart at lower right – 08:53 PM GMT
@hell0jed THEY ARE GIANTS – 08:53 PM GMT
@deathmtn just doing my bit in the war on Christmas – 09:29 PM GMT
@deathmtn means Max is actually Anubis. Also, mountaintop: Olympus, Asgard. Odin a Santa precursor too, right? Dismembered: eye, hand. QED. – 09:32 PM GMT
@brownpau PULL UP PULL UP – 09:38 PM GMT
RT @lukeoneil47: It’s pronounced Christmas jift, actually. (via @zipties, who i can’t RT in the newfangled way due to locked acct rules) – 09:42 PM GMT