Del on the radio with “Vincent Black Lightning” as I drive though the December rain for an airport pick up. Yes. – 05:31 AM GMT
the sweetness of the late night dark. just you, and the dark, and the small night sounds. nothing compares. we each contain a cathedral. – 08:45 AM GMT
attn @esinclai cousin Neil acting up agin innit… – 02:42 PM GMT
@gjcharlet don’t forget the Santa hat – 02:43 PM GMT
@esinclai to be fair, haggis IS rubbish, in a wee sac – 03:31 PM GMT
@joshmillard technoviking with a dubbed in santa hat – 03:32 PM GMT
@editor_b let feral week begin! – 03:34 PM GMT
This was a stop on my walk home from first grade:… //Ethel is awesome. Visited Thanksgiving before last. – 06:43 PM GMT
@hell0jed – 07:00 PM GMT
wait, tomorrow is christmas eve? – 09:48 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed bridge, even. traffic avoider – MS commute via Asgard. – 09:50 PM GMT
@tracicle /flings fondue-laden banana – 09:51 PM GMT
Good thing I printed the heath reports! – 10:03 PM GMT