Crazy light – if it was warmer, it’d be tornado green. Guess it’s this might-become snow. – 12:06 AM GMT
.@ezrakilty don’t we all, at times? Does not Alki Beach call to us? Are we not all, in the end, human? – 01:31 AM GMT
@poupou wrong football color. bad omen. – 01:31 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake fiqhud – 01:33 AM GMT
RT: @sethmacy: He adjusted his Google Glasses and jumped on his Segway. He wanted to spend some Bitcoins. –excerpt from futuristic novel I am writing – 01:34 AM GMT
@sethmacy @brownpau Returning home disappointed tosee his Amazon Prime Air delivery was vaporware. Suddenly, he died in a Predator strike. – 01:37 AM GMT
RT: @manwhoyells: – 01:38 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: I’ve read a few articles on what it’s like to work in an Amazon Fulfillment Center now. This one’s the best. – 03:53 AM GMT
@mubay awes – 03:54 AM GMT
As I turned into my drive, the car filled with my grandfather’s scent, cherry smoke and unfiltered Camels. – 06:07 AM GMT
He was my mom’s dad, a sharecropper from northern Missouri who relocated the family to Washington in the late ‘20s. – 06:08 AM GMT
He drove logging trucks after that until he retired, say 1930-odd until about 1970. He was huge, and kind, and funny, and laughed easily. – 06:11 AM GMT
The Camels got him, and he died of lung cancer and such in 1978. My brain is telling me something here by showing him to me tonight. – 06:12 AM GMT
Not that I have any idea what that might be. It was nice to smell him again all these years later. – 06:12 AM GMT
@hell0jed when is it not? – 06:14 AM GMT
@agent_cooper cc @hell0jed (Leo, I just hipped Coop to your relocation, go have a beer or something) – 06:32 AM GMT
@iasshole it was. – 06:33 AM GMT
@hell0jed @agent_cooper you did, it just got Apple store approved. Congrats. – 06:34 AM GMT
@hell0jed @agent_cooper he just told me on FB you get Concept Artist cred. Anyway, y’all mix it up. – 06:41 AM GMT
@MCabournSmith @alan_maguire Taintsmas – 11:08 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt did you google some pix? it’s fantastic. – 05:40 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt as well it should! – 05:43 PM GMT