RT: @LeVostreGC: Ich shalle saye yt agayne. Companyes of the world: dystopian cyberpunke fiction ys a cautionarye tale, nat a busynesse planne. – 05:12 AM GMT
.@esinclai possibly Kevin’s remaster of Austin tracks, I know Frankie wanted it out. Will chase info this week. cc @jebbanner @johnpstrohm – 05:15 AM GMT
@esinclai classy! slap on that leisure suit! – 05:16 AM GMT
dammit what I meant was – 05:18 AM GMT
OTOH this pops some odd job opps for demobbed dronies innit – 05:19 AM GMT
hmm might actually wake up at 3:21 and put some brass into that yer – 05:20 AM GMT
est-que c’est possible que je peut le faire en Français limité? ESSAYONS! – 05:22 AM GMT
alors ça fait bien des opportunités d’emploi pour les pilotes des vehicules ariennes pilotés en remotes hein hurr hurr oui – 05:24 AM GMT
hm, just doesnt’t have the same ring. rang. range. zut! zut, alors! Bien des opps pour pops des hop-props robos, hein? – 05:25 AM GMT
Literally reading Alan Dean Foster’s Star Trek: The Animated Series novelizations in my Spock bathrobe over a midnight grilled cheese. – 06:56 AM GMT
“Practical Joker,” to be episode precise. No, really, I am. – 06:56 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC so we can now playce un ordre by a simpple whistle? or is that just the pickup service? – 07:24 AM GMT
weird, i know it ain’t tonight, but i keep thinking this is a snow year. – 07:34 AM GMT
@praguepainter Eric Zimmerman, as mentioned in parent tweet šŸ™‚ – 07:55 AM GMT
@praguepainter museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/archive/p… – 07:56 AM GMT
@praguepainter it just occurred to me that the precursor must obviously be youtube.com/watch?v=dKRK8Y… – 07:59 AM GMT
Ah, the delights of youth. youtube.com/watch?v=dKRK8Y… – 08:01 AM GMT
Please note: not me. I have never lived in Austin, and my hair did not achieve such untouched glory until the late 90s. I’m clean. – 08:03 AM GMT
@yakyunightowl I’m telling you now, that guy is not me, no way no how. But I fell out of my chair laughing, and it’s still hilarious. – 08:06 AM GMT
@yakyunightowl The “Smurf Guy” is my highschool buddy Seth, though. He split for Austin around ‘87. – 08:07 AM GMT
@yakyunightowl this guy: youtu.be/fZCHxGRSUok – 08:08 AM GMT
@yakyunightowl to clarify, since they both riff on Smurfs, “Smurf Krishna Guy”. – 08:12 AM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter Christy and Eric overlapped tenures at the Uptown too. – 08:42 AM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter TAG? I don’t know him well; I knew his sis better. Saw his paintings on that mid-90s visit at the restaurant. – 08:47 AM GMT
@esinclai @johnpstrohm @jebbanner As far as Frankie and Kevin are concerned, it’s all Frankie’s, I think that goes for Ross & co. too – 05:52 PM GMT
@jebbanner @esinclai @johnpstrohm My working theory is that Frankie released Kevin’s remaster; he’s done other direct-to-iTunes releases. – 05:53 PM GMT
yay rev Billy yay – 05:58 PM GMT
RT: @QuantumPirate: I missed an Amazon drone delivery. pic.twitter.com/neJxYANj6p – 06:04 PM GMT
@jebbanner @esinclai @johnpstrohm amzn.com/B00DIKU7MK (non-threaded tweet follows) – 06:18 PM GMT
@jebbanner @esinclai @johnpstrohm iTunes too (since 2010!) itunes.apple.com/us/album/moto-…Definitely the Austin tracks, must be Kevin’s remaster – 06:22 PM GMT
attention .@christy_ms and other Bton / Indy folks: amzn.com/B00DIKU7MK – Moto X “lost album” avail on Amazon (and iTunes, link inbound) – 06:23 PM GMT
… and here is the iTunes link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/moto-… – 06:23 PM GMT
Here’s Kevin Loyal on that Moto-X remaster at MFT a few years ago: musicalfamilytree.net/profiles/blog/… – 06:45 PM GMT