@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt a few Christmases past, my pop asked my wife, “Who is this Lady Gaga anyway?” – 08:02 AM GMT
@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt so she decided showing him a video was easier than explaining. “Telephone” was the latest. – 08:03 AM GMT
@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt She found online, and they watched the extended adults-only cut together on her iPad – 08:05 AM GMT
@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt which surprised both of them since neither knew there were extended adults-only pop videos – 08:06 AM GMT
@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt I think doing so while the rest of the gathering was opening stockings and so forth was hard – 08:07 AM GMT
@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt the rest of they day they just gazed off into space, as you would … – 08:08 AM GMT
@kelliebob @shawnstring @gjcharlet @arthurwyatt … if you’d just watched an adults-only Gaga video with your cross-gender in-law on Xmas day. – 08:09 AM GMT
right: small turkey, midsize dutch oven. TRIUMPH. – 08:19 AM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter well, there’s the screen calibration issue. the other thing is that we were taught color is additive in light … – 07:04 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter … and subtractive in pigment. meaning when you mix two pure pigment colors the result is often a darker value – 07:05 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter but if you mix two pure tones of light the resulting hue is lighter. this is observable. – 07:06 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter but if one is viewing a lesson in the iPad Albers book on the topic, the information is being presented … – 07:06 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter … via an illuminated, not reflective medium, and therefore may argue with itself – 07:08 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough so strange Byzantium still exerts suzerainty there – 07:11 PM GMT
@sumit you’ll have to institute a lab-coats dress policy – 07:26 PM GMT
@sumit pressure-managed one-way airflow into the workspace – 09:57 PM GMT