RT: @molcher: Now watching Shakespeare in Love. Get Stoppard to write a Doctor Who. – 12:54 AM GMT
@hell0jed pssst… “Rainier,” as in “it sure is rainier here.” Which has the effect of making it look like a mispeling. – 12:56 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell PDX -> SEA one way 18.52 + tax, $20.00, 1971. cite: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._B._Coo… – 02:59 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell 20 / .25 (gas metric) = 80 gallons. 80*$3=$240. Quick online hunt sets a similar flight at about $184 today. huh. – 03:05 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell guess the last metric would be average gas mileage in 1971 vs 2013. 165 miles, PDX to SEA. – 03:08 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell call it 13 in 1971. project.org/info.php?recor… – 03:09 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell … and 24 (rounded) in Jan 2013. treehugger.com/cars/new-vehic… – 03:10 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell so: 165/13*.25 vs 165/24*3, I think. $3.17 vs $20.63. Woah. Flying not much cheaper but driving has gone up a lot. – 03:14 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell thanks for catalyzing that! I sort of mused about it earlier today when looking at the Cooper thing. – 03:15 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell wait, I’m missing a comparison basis. if $20 = 240 (plane ticket), the factor is 12. 12*$3.17=$38.04. – 03:22 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell with $3 gas and 24mpg vs $0.25 & 13mpg, driving: half as expensive, not taking maintenance or car purchase into account. um – 03:25 AM GMT
seems counterintuitive. wonder if I dropped a variable somewhere. – 03:26 AM GMT
RT: @arthurwyatt: smithsonianmag.com/history-archae… Thanksgiving as apocalyptic tragedy, essential reading for everyone. – 05:06 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt fascinating, great read. Post it, if you haven’t already. – 05:07 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt i got all up on Jamestown a few years back but these north end deets were new to me. – 05:13 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt today we are thankful for trolling – 05:16 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter Color-aid, I believe. coloraid.com – 08:16 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter also, the Albers book has been implemented as an iPad only app. yupnet.org/interactionofc… // it’s neat but … – 08:18 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter … presentation of all that color theory, intended for application within reflective media (paint, print) … – 08:18 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter … via an illuminated, lightsource medium gives me pause with regard to some of the stuff we were taught. – 08:19 PM GMT
@praguepainter @christy_ms still happy to have it on my iPad! It just reminds me of reading Seurat’s theories. Albers is more acute, natch – 08:24 PM GMT
@praguepainter @christy_ms but both Seurat and Albers cite SCIENCE when what they mean is CAREFUL OBSERVATION whoch, well, that’s cool – 08:25 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter … and true color on the screen! don’t get me started! digital-to-print, clients FREAK OUT because of color shifts – 08:26 PM GMT
@christy_ms @praguepainter i suppose in theory Apple might have fixed color profiles for the iPad. But my experience would lead me to doubt. – 08:27 PM GMT
@praguepainter @christy_ms shit sometimes i wonder if I still can – 08:28 PM GMT