@gjcharlet @CocoGoesOut did someone say “Come Back to Louisiana”? youtu.be/uwVW6gb0yg4 – 12:02 AM GMT
attention @LeavittAlone reddit.com/r/pics/comment… – 12:11 AM GMT
on iOS good god, what dreams! – 01:53 PM GMT
1. Running into Kenny Rogers in the men’s room and singing a duet of “Silver Wings” with him, the whole song, correct lyrics and all. – 01:54 PM GMT
2. having my iphone swapped for another by a street magician / scammer on the green of what my dream said was Boston Common (it was not). – 01:56 PM GMT
3. watching from the Not-Common as a jet flew backwards into a supposed building. Surprise! just a holographic ad for a sports drink. – 01:58 PM GMT
5. wandering in confusion through a strange and exclusive restaurant, trying to find a wayward bandmember. – 01:59 PM GMT
4. where’d four go? – 02:00 PM GMT
6. Grabbing Viv! Like hubba hubba yow! Yes, that kind of dream, about my wife. 🙂 – 02:03 PM GMT
seattle.craigslist.org/est/art/398992… – 09:07 PM GMT
seattle.craigslist.org/see/clt/399330… – 09:10 PM GMT
“This chair has been instrumental in enjoying untold episodes of Star Trek” … seattle.craigslist.org/sno/fuo/397407… – 09:15 PM GMT
on iOS @johnpstrohm richlandbombers.com (Richland is a town in Washington which was instrumental in developing the first atomic bombs) – 09:26 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm but you are right regarding B’ham I think. – 09:27 PM GMT
@DanEngler this may actually represent evidence of your qualification for parenthood – 11:43 PM GMT