@AlpacaQueen77 for some values of teenage, yes. I was 23 that year and the 1980-1986 stuff, culminating with Damaged, was still on the deck. – 12:42 AM GMT
@ezrakilty good, excellent, perspicacious point – 08:56 AM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 someone who is 19 in 1989 who bought Damaged in 1982 when they were 12 would still be listening to it. – 03:17 PM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 plus, there are some classics from 1984-1986 (My War, notably). on balance, yes, a suburban 14-yo might indeed be listening. – 03:21 PM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 yeah, that’s pretty much a perfect way for that to go down. – 03:21 PM GMT
@sugarfreak how else they gonna gather the pure? leather doesn’t tan itself. – 03:35 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough @middleclasstool @gjcharlet while in the green and pleasant land, I sent GJ a souvenir apron from Soane’s a couple years back. – 07:11 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough @middleclasstool @gjcharlet this: soane.org/shop/Apronl_-T… (because ColdChef) – 07:12 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough @middleclasstool @gjcharlet so my larger point is he welcomes dodgy gifts from the UK. – 07:12 PM GMT
Good day at Goodwill. 1/x pic.twitter.com/vjaaRx3UYa – 09:58 PM GMT
2/x pic.twitter.com/gi8oYBlatE – 09:58 PM GMT
3/x pic.twitter.com/R6Y5yfa5Tm – 09:59 PM GMT
4/x, 100 year old cast iron no. 3 skillet pic.twitter.com/luAsp6M86A – 10:00 PM GMT
5/x pic.twitter.com/3gzRRhwGA2 – 10:00 PM GMT
Two separate Le Creusets, the skillet, a bunch of measuring cups, a patented apple slicer. – 10:01 PM GMT
@yakyunightowl true indeed! for camping the score is that 6.5 inch skillet, sweet find. – 11:18 PM GMT
man, scrubbing and reseasoning can take a lot out of a man – 11:28 PM GMT