@johnpstrohm ha ha I opened this and started reading and thought, wow, gotta forward this to JPS – 02:23 PM GMT
RT: @johnpstrohm: “@maura: grunge history alert RT @scroll: The Rock ’n’ Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero nyti.ms/17QAR1A” Amazing. Go Clay! – 02:30 PM GMT
Please note, I HIGHLY suggest dropping everything to read that story. – 02:32 PM GMT
@anildash i love uber because it is like a verbal tic revealing american class entitlement. puny regulations not for the ubermenschen! – 04:40 PM GMT
@anildash to the busses you untermenschen! schnell! schnell! – 04:40 PM GMT
@anildash und I do not mean zer privatbussenfleets mit wifi! only the slow moving diesels for you untermenschen! – 04:42 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough “I’m a vampire”? – 06:07 PM GMT
Duck heroine defeats heron, possibly. Make way for ducklings, Seattle style. “NO, HERON!” by @paulconstant mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/not-with… – 06:40 PM GMT
@sugarfreak WHAT IS THAT GIANT DOG – 10:14 PM GMT
IMPORTANT TIME TRAVELER NEWS FOR MAD MEN FANS! metafilter.com/128794/Previou… – 11:23 PM GMT
Prediction: employer mandate never meaningfully implemented. individual mandate stands. more employers drop coverage. insurance rates climb. – 11:44 PM GMT