RT: @gedeon: Wow RT @JuddLegum: AMAZING: Throngs of Egyptians aim laser pointers at military helicopter flying overhead pic.twitter.com/o6Rsv82wz8 – 01:50 AM GMT
.@telemetrist has been since 1934 /rimshot – 01:58 AM GMT
@telemetrist no, a random prewar signifier of antilabor values but YES. yes of course it is. absolutely. Waterfront Strike. Yep. Strike. – 02:26 AM GMT
@telemetrist did you dig that sars posse sticker? made me happy all day. – 02:27 AM GMT
hey now I used sunscreen hey hey hey now – 02:28 AM GMT
@telemetrist likewise my brother – 02:28 AM GMT
@telemetrist I know! I think benjy is but it’s just not the same. – 02:29 AM GMT
@telemetrist we did find a late-era Bald Man. A bit weathered. – 02:32 AM GMT
@telemetrist also, I’m bummed our games didn’t coincide. This was a great series. – 02:36 AM GMT
@telemetrist yes! – 02:37 AM GMT
too hot – 02:55 AM GMT
it is nearly 80 something – 03:39 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt as thread notes, air in motion enhances evaporation. Now imagine we were in 4th fl walk ups in Kensington. – 04:31 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt health care to the side. So like in 1929. – 04:32 AM GMT
I heard the most mind boggling story about an art collector last night, but I really can’t tell it here. Dang, that is a hard thing. – 04:52 AM GMT
@ezrakilty a fine prescription! I have turned to the scots. – 04:53 AM GMT
no, like MIND BOGGLING – 04:54 AM GMT
Captain, we cannot beam down to the structure with the away team provisions as specified – destination structure’s internal temp is offscale – 04:57 AM GMT
@ezrakilty i have one but am diffident w/t/r editing : mike.whybarl.com. beware or belove yern tweet digests cc @manwhoyells – 04:59 AM GMT
@ezrakilty those pourn kilties – 05:00 AM GMT
@mwhybark oops heat typo mike.whybark.com – 05:01 AM GMT
10p seems to be about tolerable. – 05:07 AM GMT
my amazing genius friend from when we were like sixteen remains both amazing and genius. – 05:49 AM GMT
@madamjujujive Firefighters in the family, mjj? – 05:53 AM GMT
@paulconstant i love that place! – 09:03 PM GMT