@agent_cooper congrats! and buy @mubay that drink! – 01:34 AM GMT
proving to be challenging to assemble a representative photo album for my birth mother. Do I include in-laws? What about years with no pix? – 01:38 AM GMT
baking bread is the best – 01:40 AM GMT
@iasshole SO JEALOUS – 01:41 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk if you smoke while cooking you can exhale on ’em an call it smoked like – 01:42 AM GMT
@musicalfam if Terrill is there I demand footage of “Wild Life,” “Brandy,” or “Young Man”. – 01:48 AM GMT
40 years on: Leonov overturns Gagarin death cause report. Source: RT (both senses). bit.ly/1acyGDE h/t @sumit @stevesilberman – 01:55 AM GMT
@mathowie @anildash obvs, the old guys. google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j… – 01:58 AM GMT
@GlennF @mathowie @anildash on the other hand, we do all know about the Roman space effort, what with their vacuum crucibles – 02:00 AM GMT
wait the owl movie guy did the Superman movie? AWESOME – 03:28 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @annkpowers @BradPaisley suggest you get with @hologramtupac for the voice of experience – 04:13 AM GMT
@anildash well geez who’s gonna torrent that now anyway – 04:15 AM GMT
@DanEngler moi, je le fais aussi, mais pour le cuisine – 10:22 AM GMT
@sumit yesss – 05:34 PM GMT
RT: @SeattleHoosiers: 5:00 PT on ESPN fb.me/QAiTuh7V – 05:38 PM GMT
This is great: imgur.com/a/WFX14?gallery (attn @praguepainter) – 05:54 PM GMT
@whybark awesome! it is definitely time! – 06:19 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @phoebenorth truly the year of nerd rage is upon us. let us sing our songs in chorus to um or not whatever’s cool with you. – 11:10 PM GMT
should unpack my overall distanced stance with regard to DC/Marvel underwear beings. I’m just not as interested in superhero stuff as SF. – 11:13 PM GMT
but what distinguishes the two? well, obviously, Marvel or DC. And the medium. But I love the medium. – 11:14 PM GMT
My besties in comix? Walt Kelly and the Hernandez bros. attn @xaimeh et al. Stan, Steve D, Bob K, S&S? Well, I, what, respect them. – 11:17 PM GMT
Had access to DC & Marvel stuff as a little kid and COMPLETE access to every Pogo book (THANKS DAD SO AWESOME). Oh, and I guess Doonesbury. – 11:19 PM GMT
So when I started buying on my own, I was about 19, and Los Bros (with, I should note, in the same year, Watchmen and Dark Knight) … – 11:22 PM GMT
… were really my first committed fan-follow experience. while Marvel and DC were a part of the available youth-lit ecosphere… – 11:24 PM GMT
…I wasn’t a Marvel and DC comics consumer in a meaningful way as a child. I loved the Hulk, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Spiderman TV shows. – 11:26 PM GMT
in essence, I got the real deal from Kelly and watered-down Aaron Goldsmith BS from Marvel and DC. Then I was mentored by @fantagraphics … – 11:28 PM GMT
… at the exact same time my interest in punk rock and anti-corporatist entrepeneurship peaked. So the big question will always be: – 11:29 PM GMT
Why is Star Trek’s multimedia material, schlock, fan-produced foolishness, and the occasional genuine gem, so much more compelling to me? – 11:31 PM GMT
I can’t actually answer this question, I think. Sorry to hear the Superman movie is disappointing. I’m unlikely to notice. Kal-El’s no Kirk. – 11:33 PM GMT
@middleclasstool you should write more! – 11:34 PM GMT
@DanEngler HELL YES – 11:41 PM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: @mwhybark Reboot the reboot. celestedoodles.tumblr.com/post/529955635… – 11:41 PM GMT