@paulconstant dude! cut every other paragraph, THEN submit – 02:02 AM GMT
THIS, this weather right here. pic.twitter.com/mROHlnlNv8 – 02:03 AM GMT
Dear Trek brethren, sistren, and cistren: TNG: The Drumhead. No Prismism per se, but hey. – 03:06 AM GMT
How did Mr. Tarsus’ grandparents meet, anyway? – 03:19 AM GMT
@paulconstant that’s a fine plan. Try cutting all the verbs, adverbs, or nouns, that helps sometimes. I actually always loved cutting. – 03:21 AM GMT
@paulconstant every word that has an e in it. Structural editing. E-prime. – 03:22 AM GMT
1991. Damn. I love this stuff so much. – 03:33 AM GMT
@ericindiana <3 to you! miss you every day. – 05:01 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt what does it mean that i can grok that? – 06:46 AM GMT
OH HEY here’s a Replacements thingy I made back in the day. ’86? ’87? My pay: a ticket. Went, picked a fight, left. pic.twitter.com/0beCg0gKp2 – 06:54 AM GMT
@sugarfreak games.rit.edu/sites/default/… – OH NO! BANJO! – 02:06 PM GMT
@sugarfreak the cute one, the smart one, the funny one, and the drummer. – 02:08 PM GMT