@johnpstrohm child abuse – 03:53 AM GMT
Suuuuper excited for this week’s GoT/Mad Men crossover super special limited giant-size edition! – 03:59 AM GMT
RT: @BallardBot: 32. The Dying Aviator – 04:00 AM GMT
@sugarfreak SHUT UP SHUT UP – 04:01 AM GMT
@JoanArkham just had a conversation w/pal about True Blood in which I suggested old K. Bigelow film Near Dark. Goes here too. – 04:04 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt you need to get a kid to do the Tintin quiff bit – 04:09 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @JoanArkham au fait with all save this peculiar ch 4 you mention. concur. my ch. 4 ghoul: sammyterrynightmares.com – 04:13 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @JoanArkham Near Dark: out the same year as Lost Boys. Near Dark had the first licensed mass-market cinema use of the Cramps. – 04:15 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @JoanArkham you know I loves the unseens – 04:15 AM GMT
@jonronson wait, this is PDX still? – 04:16 AM GMT
@bunnysparber you are a man of rare fortune sir. – 04:17 AM GMT
@praguepainter aww yeah. Why does London get all the lovin? Think about deep time in the US, the moundbuilders and earlier. – 04:21 AM GMT
@praguepainter Although deep time in Europe implies a continuity we don’t have here everywhere. There’s still interregna in Europe, obvs. – 04:23 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt wait, M. Night dir Scott P? if so, am officially duffer. – 04:26 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt /hangs on to not-duffer cert for one more year – 04:28 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt lol. he’s tanked his brand, for sure. but so have others. someday maybe he’ll untank. – 04:29 AM GMT
mosquitos attack as the dusk fades to dark. the only things missing are a dog leg, a cat, and the fucking fireflies. Also heat, cicadas. – 04:31 AM GMT
No, never mind, you can keep the heat, cicadas, humidity, politics, and early air times for HBO serials. But please send mass transit ASAP. – 04:33 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt M. Night inherits abandoned del Toro Lovecraft adaptation – 04:34 AM GMT
@dansinker we were 75 today but will gladly take your 45 – 04:35 AM GMT
Every now and then i look at my blog full of undigested tweet digests and laugh and laugh – 06:33 AM GMT
This has been useful as I read the Blish adaptations: chakoteya.net/StarTrek/episo… – 08:07 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay what do they play at funeral rites? bagpipes. A series of tubes. – 06:16 PM GMT