RT: @daveexmachina: Just saw some Star Trek spoilers and I was RIGHT! Cumberbatch is Oberon, the Faerie King! – 12:40 AM GMT
RT: @Horse_ebooks: Unfortunately, times have changed for mariners – 12:43 AM GMT
RT: @sambosambo: Saw this at the mall and couldn’t help myself: pic.twitter.com/xSJyW5KDBo – 12:47 AM GMT
@manwhoyells lolololol – 01:38 AM GMT
@DanEngler hey! that was uttered in the very spirit of disputandum! – 05:30 AM GMT
Abrams tried to block TOS merch marketing, citing “brand confusion.” Villain revealed! cinemablend.com/new/Star-Trek-… – 06:05 AM GMT
on iOS Oh, man, that story is spun opposite of my read, and I can see the thought, but for real: go away, dude. Star Wars is much more your speed. – 06:07 AM GMT
@DanEngler but his job was to fix it, not fuck it up. Fan-produced recasts and alternate TOS riffs that inspired his shot are niche, sure. – 06:20 AM GMT
@DanEngler but shitting on that same basis of inspiration? IDIC, or alternately in this case, just DICK. No aspersions on cast & crew, fwiw. – 06:22 AM GMT
never bettered, never bested. pic.twitter.com/lus809PuBT – 06:25 AM GMT
@DanEngler correct, and precisely why I am upset. Star Trek will be rebranded as action bullshit forever, unless he leaves. – 06:33 AM GMT
.@DanEngler it should be noted I am not a particular fan of Trek movies. I more sort of endure them than enjoy them. – 06:34 AM GMT
.@DanEngler Enterprise planetary crashes being only the most recurrent among many things that make me groan and hide my face. – 06:37 AM GMT
@DanEngler I’ll bring the borg-rid trivid producers back home safe from the Delta Quadrant yet by mere strength of my vituperative rhetoric – 06:39 AM GMT
@DanEngler on the holodeck i mean – 06:39 AM GMT
.@DanEngler all worthy heritors. you neglect the book-men, notably Mr Banks and Mr Mieville (among the utopianists). – 06:43 AM GMT
.@DanEngler note that the film-falm men you cite are dystopianists, but ones I adore. Might be a Dredd sequel too, and that was a fine film. – 06:46 AM GMT
@DanEngler why are you sleeping with your twooter specs on? – 12:20 PM GMT
“It was Larry Page, naked, save for a pair of eyeglasses.” – wired.com/gadgetlab/2013… – 12:25 PM GMT
on iOS “If you look at the laws we have, they’re very old. A law can’t be right if it’s 50 years old.”…”Here, put on these glasses.” / guffaw – 12:28 PM GMT
Apparently, in my dream, @manwhoyells is a rogue counterterrorist operative. No, I have no idea. – 12:32 PM GMT
@ftrain it’s the good stuff – 01:10 PM GMT
hey .@mubay, check it out: itunes.apple.com/us/app/sid-mei…turn-based WWI aircombat, designed by Sid Meier, freemium. Dunno about HW reqs. – 04:26 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm it’s the Mariners taking-the-field theme this year: m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=fWeQ… – 04:42 PM GMT
RT: @gedeon: As someone who did not really enjoy JJ’s first Trek outing, I have to say Into Darkness was pure and simply ‘Awesome’. #OneHappyTrekker – 06:29 PM GMT
(Ged is pretty hardcore, that’s good news, I think) – 06:29 PM GMT