@anildash PEANUT BUTER JELLY TIMEonly in my dreams – 02:07 AM GMT
@mwhybark @anildash BUTTER i mean – 02:13 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt stay true to Blöödhäg and Stovokor! – 04:08 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt but they are so refreshingly optimistic and dramatic and hopeful and crushed! – 04:11 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt also young people today are much pudgier than I was at their age – 04:12 AM GMT
Have I told you about my arthritis meds? – 04:12 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt they would not last ONE DAY in the mean imaginary streets of Mega City One! – 04:13 AM GMT
@hidvorak @arthurwyatt he’s too young, see – 04:24 AM GMT
“He sounds like a man who has put aside a task”… “maybe being a funeral director—to make music”newyorker.com/online/blogs/c… – 04:30 AM GMT
yes. what this guy says. slate.com/articles/arts/… – 04:47 AM GMT
on iOS @arthurwyatt @hidvorak now for that I think you are a little on the wizened side, but my timeline of appropriateness is nebulous – 04:48 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell “an initiative to give all of Google’s products a more consistent look, so everything would be easier to use” ha ha ha – 03:34 PM GMT
RT: @saladinahmed: Original Star Trek becomes ‘Terrorists in space!’ Tolkien’s Hobbit becomes ‘Killing goblins = true courage!’ Notes from a sad, ugly culture. – 03:38 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell lower data density is certainly the handmaiden of needlessly inflated pageviews – 03:42 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell although the description of the UI was interesting in it echoing both Metro and Hypercard – 03:43 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt i know! all the glowing reviews from people… who like movies that I don’t 🙁 – 03:47 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt what’s funny about that is you *like* action movies – is it the turrist bandwagoning? – 03:58 PM GMT
Turns out Cumberbatch is really playing J.J. Abrams – 05:01 PM GMT
When Kirk realizes this, his face contorts in rage. “Unforgivable ending,” he mutters. “LOOOOOST!” he howls into the darkness. – 05:05 PM GMT
Mac OS X removed the full active window screencap option at some point. BOOOO! Solution? derailer.org/paparazzi/ // YAAAY! – 10:22 PM GMT