“@manwhoyells: RESIST FALSE SUMMER” this is false consciousness, please make a note – 01:27 AM GMT
day long headache from attempting to identify, learn, and experiment with ebay flat-file uploads. hypothesis: caint get yar fum hyar – 01:29 AM GMT
Minister Faust breaks down George Clinton’s Mothership for us: io9.com/minister-faust… – 04:32 AM GMT
@manwhoyells wut – 11:08 AM GMT
Curious re SPD clown tweet? Meet the SPD public information team: blogs.seattletimes.com/monica-guzman/… (h/t @moniguzman; also, this is a hint, Moni) – 12:36 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk say it ain’t so! I was amused by the beef in the press release. – 04:06 PM GMT
@moniguzman during may 1 hoorah SPD twitter posted an amusing tweet re clowns / superheroes – 07:25 PM GMT
@moniguzman I have noticed it being retweeted by non-local folks and reported on Facebook, over a couple days now – 07:26 PM GMT
@moniguzman so from my perspective I was curious who the author of the tweet was; your prior article offers hints. – 07:28 PM GMT
@hell0jed dude. just priced my pitcher picture @ 17×22 on Arches: $55 per. Yikes. – 11:24 PM GMT