RT: @ezrakilty: NYT “Amid Hunger Strike, Obama Renews Push to Close Cuba Prison”: Sad day when the president has to stop eating to get things done in DC. – 12:58 AM GMT
RT: @SeattlePD: Brief disturbance earlier at 5th and Jackson between superheroes and clowns. Everything’s under control. #SeaMayDay – 01:16 AM GMT
@telemetrist i totally retired, man – 01:17 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt best piece on the show tonight. lack of cultural context, sadly. – 01:20 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt I’ve stood over the ground she came out of and mused about them poor fuckers. – 01:21 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt a portion of said musings: mike.whybark.com/archives/00077… – 01:22 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt one of several links yet uncannibalized by bitrot: ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0206/dispa… – 01:26 AM GMT
@gjcharlet GJ, can I have the shirt you are wearing right now? – 01:28 AM GMT
@gjcharlet I know you would, bubba. Someday when I make to the Gulf again. – 01:30 AM GMT
@gjcharlet (in my fambly, “bubba” means brother, and I use it in such wise) – 01:31 AM GMT
@kelliebob @gjcharlet and then develop a homeopathic solution to sell online and via 1-900 numbers – 01:36 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt not at all. Bet it’s been pitched! – 01:40 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Elizabeth’s Planet requires urgent shipment of quadrotriticale, but all we have is the left-handed sucrose varietal from K-7! – 01:43 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt the wooden gravemarkers like teeth against a november sky pic.twitter.com/ksHF4TD5sO – 01:45 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Kirk fighting music but only after the delicious fourteen year old girl has been served for dinner! – 01:46 AM GMT
Classic Freakonomics/Marketplace: extended story on STEM employment issues, no mention of H1B or age discrimination. On May Day. Shitheads. – 01:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt horrifying! Just hypnotic… ally awful! – 01:59 AM GMT
Finished this yesterday. Mostly Procreate, some PS Touch, ArtRage. Interoperability was a PITA. Untouched by desktop. pic.twitter.com/XVrFpMdnqp – 03:35 AM GMT
@hell0jed you may want to look at getting pro output. is that an inkjet? – 02:37 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt shakespeare! “took three months to create.” guess the lipstick is fade resistant. – 02:44 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt these are terrible! Henry is six inches taller and for no reason, a window gets a paint job! – 02:48 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt but now I’m crying with laughter so that’s ok then – 02:50 PM GMT
ah, here’s the H1B cheerleading from Planet Money! It’s soooooo hard to import your indentured IT slaves sooooo hard whyyyy poor employers – 03:26 PM GMT
@lorenacupcake YOU ARE NOW CYBORG – 08:57 PM GMT