Handy list of twitter handles associated with US Senators who have voted to approve more preschool gun massacres: huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/17/sen… – 01:35 AM GMT
Just to be clear, in the 48 hours after an eight year old was killed by a bomb, they were like, yo, guns are cool and pay for my campaign yo – 01:36 AM GMT
I am unaccountably? accountably? accountability-skeptical? upset and angry about this. The fuckers. I mean, it’s not a shock really. – 01:38 AM GMT
It’s just that normally when American politics kills people I don’t care, because A) there’s nothing I can do about it and … – 01:39 AM GMT
… it’s terribly unproductive in one’s personal life to dwell on the things and people you hate. Boy have I got my hate on tonight. – 01:40 AM GMT
“that fear must be nothing compared to the fear the first graders in Sandy Hook Elementary School felt as their lives ended …” – G. Giffords – 01:43 AM GMT
@gjcharlet hold it together chief – 02:52 PM GMT
@manwhoyells I aim to be there on that magical four-figure day – 04:29 PM GMT
@wasta @poupou i dunno I kinda would be amused if you started channeling Ali G – 10:03 PM GMT
one of those days when you wake up early, grab laptop in bed, & work productively for eight hours before realizing you are still in bed – 10:07 PM GMT
@poupou wait, you were there too? dammit – 11:54 PM GMT
Oh Jay and Silent Bob what have you done. Not done, I mean. – 11:57 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt it is this (and other things) that establishes our brotherhood, younger sir – 11:59 PM GMT