@Qunchuy PRECISELY – 12:47 AM GMT
@poupou mmmm beef stew. I made a Newfangled again, and it’s still yummy. – 12:50 AM GMT
@alan_maguire schleimann’s mask of agamemnon – 12:53 AM GMT
@gjcharlet it’s the vest – 12:57 AM GMT
@phoebenorth post it and move on – 12:58 AM GMT
“@fantagraphics: Soon: Kim Deitch’s … Adventures of Katherine Whaley! fantagraphics.com/index.php?opti… pic.twitter.com/5PcqoMpGs5” NEW DEITCH YES PLEASE – 12:59 AM GMT
So yesterday a pal and admired musician sent me a rough demo, 2:56 of bumptious caterwauling. Lyrics concern another pal’s comedic stabbing. – 01:01 AM GMT
IT IS THE BEST SONG EVER. I don’t think I can talk about it more. Apparently they were reminiscing in the studio & BAM punk rock stab song. – 01:03 AM GMT
But get this: the fight happened at a party roughly 30 years ago. It’s the opposite of a murder ballad. It’s a true story, but not news. – 01:05 AM GMT
There’s no trial or retribution or any scaffolds high, just middle aged people laughing at their younger selves. and I do mean laughing. – 01:06 AM GMT
Anyway. Maybe I need to listen to it again. – 01:06 AM GMT
Because it’s a straight delivery mechanism for endorphins. I will laugh and laugh, again. – 01:07 AM GMT
RT: @rubycramer: This @newyorker cartoon. pic.twitter.com/g8POG2vNXI – 01:07 AM GMT
@poupou delicious! a warrior’s drink! – 01:08 AM GMT
@comicsreporter and the wins? – 01:08 AM GMT
@poupou i told you it was the drink of a warrior – 01:09 AM GMT
@poupou something I made up, posted here a few days ago. rough idea: vodka based anti-old fashioned. – 01:13 AM GMT
@poupou 1/2 oz sweet vermouth, 1/2 oz lemon juice to taste, orange zest, maraschino to taste, 2 1/2 oz vodka. – 01:14 AM GMT
@poupou sort of a variation on a bond martini but more brown, more citrus – 01:15 AM GMT
@jonronson Tiny Tim kissed my hand in Chicago the year before he died, apparently because I said I enjoyed his set #nicecelebritieslongago – 01:18 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm You know Booker is Bton, yeah? – 01:23 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm suhWEET. I heard him on, what, Sound Opinions I think. First time I’d heard it from the hoss hisself. I envy you the exp! – 01:27 AM GMT
@fred_makefab @jonronson well, the autopsy was inconclusive – 01:27 AM GMT
@sugarfreak now when I think of Baltimore, I think of The Following – 01:40 AM GMT
@surlygourmand it is the hand of glory – 03:41 AM GMT
@poupou i have not! i will! – 01:55 PM GMT
@poupou why stop now? – 05:31 PM GMT
@macklemore has redefined my Lady Washington teeshirt, apparently. Cool by me! youtube.com/watch?v=2zNSgS… – 06:21 PM GMT