@brownpau fyoochurruh, like fyoo-sure-uh – 12:25 AM GMT
@jebbanner do something, this is the first one i’ve dropped in on. should i turn it off? @johnpstrohm – 02:55 AM GMT
@jebbanner @johnpstrohm @indyattorney well, at least I have this to console me pic.twitter.com/BV6MqvM1ZF – 03:03 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt OUTSTANDING mohair sir – 03:05 AM GMT
@mubay that battle was lost the day they blew up the Kingdome, put the monorail up for a vote again, and built Safeco field. – 03:07 AM GMT
RT: @bradleystein: The Duellists, Alien, Blade Runner. #directorhattricks – 03:07 AM GMT
@bradleystein hell yes – 03:07 AM GMT
RT: @johnpstrohm: @mwhybark @jebbanner Stay with us!!! – 03:09 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @jebbanner @esinclai Gotta cook dinner but the TV is in the same room as the stove so you bet. Maybe Glenn can do something. – 03:10 AM GMT
@jebbanner @johnpstrohm aw – 04:02 AM GMT
@indyattorney @jebbanner @johnpstrohm the dog, the beach, memories of Bloomington in the spring of hardcore, my marriage, sushi: sustenance. – 06:06 AM GMT
RT: @anildash: Amazon Elastic Waistband – 06:11 AM GMT
@poupou BJJ? joking, kinda – 06:23 AM GMT
in 2003, we didn’t own a house or take care of a dog, and I was able to tether laptop to cell for free and remote to home servers no prob. – 06:52 AM GMT
so in ten years the net positive is: we take care of a dog. – 06:53 AM GMT
Net negative is everything else plus overall reduced-scale economy. Well, my marriage *rules*, but that started over ten years ago. – 06:56 AM GMT
To be fair, I can still remote 2 home PCs either from phone or laptop, or other wifi device, but it costs more and does less in aggregate. – 07:01 AM GMT
@ardaniel DOOOOM – 07:01 AM GMT
DOOOOOOOOM but not the, like games and shizz – 07:02 AM GMT
@ardaniel DOG (dearg) DOOOM youtube.com/watch?v=y5G8AJ… (apologies in advance for Irish prog mythrock) pic.twitter.com/WiDXr6Puhr – 07:07 AM GMT
RT: @jessedorje: How my Star Trek uniform started a Chinese fashion trend: Shanghaiist bit.ly/ZHfqIY – 03:12 PM GMT
Apple’s photo stream stuff is pretty neat, definitely the first time I have been able to share pix in realtime with my parents. – 05:03 PM GMT
@poupou SKETCHY good thing you caught it! – 05:04 PM GMT
@imontheradio congrats! – 06:56 PM GMT
@imontheradio That piece was yours? I thought it was great! KUOW ran it midday earlier this week and I thought, hm, could this be? – 11:28 PM GMT
OH MY GOD it is high seventies direct sun and OH MY GOD pic.twitter.com/ahcoPSeNHh – 11:48 PM GMT