I swear to God, touch OS stuff will drive me to gestures of violence. Disappearing apps, ‘undiscoverability is good.’ Like having a stroke. – 12:02 AM GMT
@surlygourmand have you lived here long enough to know fucking jingle? – 02:26 AM GMT
@matthewbaldwin “the holistic earblow” “the boxed ear” – 02:35 AM GMT
@mubay @DanEngler Jeff would be PISSED – 03:17 AM GMT
Nostalgy Paint /// a v1.0 MacPaint clone. Retains System 6 menubar and Apple menu. itun.es/us/5Dc5I.i – 05:30 AM GMT
well, it’s pretty close. but sadly the app crashed before i saved my bitmap. haven’t tried resize yet, you could get great stuff that way. – 05:43 AM GMT
no obvious way to import, no layers. there is a ‘paste’ function, not yet explored. – 05:53 AM GMT
well, this is a little sloppy but you can see the pens & brushes. the spray can kinda gives the game away, not bitmap pic.twitter.com/lEhDkw3ARn – 05:54 AM GMT
hoo boy, I have written my share of overreaching stuff on Kubrick in my day but: The Shining? Conspiracy theories? Fantastic! Tell me more! – 06:00 AM GMT
@deathmtn one assumes! – 03:17 PM GMT
@gjcharlet can’t take ‘em anywhere. That is hilarious. – 03:19 PM GMT
“@mubay: Opponents Wanted: forgotten gaming mags find new life on the net flip.it/9pUIx” attn @arthurwyatt – 03:24 PM GMT
@mubay @arthurwyatt i found a graphpaper notebook with what appear to be both player and DM notes in it yesterday – 03:25 PM GMT
@mubay also, Ogre! want Ogre app! – 03:26 PM GMT
@telemetrist lol – 03:29 PM GMT
@telemetrist make no mistake, they see those guys as their only competitor, and they will burn down the house if they have to – 03:30 PM GMT