whooo the soreness – 12:59 AM GMT
Twitter client devs: make an app that flips “translate” from on-click to on-render please. – 03:28 AM GMT
RT: @middleclasstool: “I have this great new iPad stylesheet for my site that—”“Stop it.”“But it makes it work just like a magazi—”“FUCK YOU, STOP IT.” – 03:34 AM GMT
is impossible, of course, but sometimes I with MM would write a Jerry Cornelius story framed and published as tweets – 04:07 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt ha ha, no that’s him on his boards. but i rather imagine someone helps him log in, find the site & such. @UncleSiggy, comment? – 04:47 AM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@manwhoyells @hell0jed thewaythefutureblogs.com/2013/03/arriva… – 05:01 AM GMT
on iOS layer two, first pass color, with reference. Rocket. pic.twitter.com/ntM0ZAI9i0 – 06:20 AM GMT
from iOSthat’s so much more interesting than my pencils I think I may stop there for the night. – 06:21 AM GMT
argh, sorry about the orientation, retrying – 06:22 AM GMT
OK, correct orientation this time pic.twitter.com/leZdhAou8h – 06:25 AM GMT
RT: @theBees: Love inevitably involves fluids. It’s true. If you are not prepared to deal with what comes out of a person, it’s not real love. Nannies do. – 06:25 AM GMT
@hell0jed that is what he says indeed. and about the airport in 1976! – 06:27 AM GMT
in reply to hell0jed@arthurwyatt well, he lives outside of Austin and has had problems with his foot that limit travel. But! – 06:30 AM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@arthurwyatt … He’s, at least at times, been almost inadvisably available online. Like thousands of words a day available. To chat, like. – 06:31 AM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@arthurwyatt At one point someone on multiverse.org actually assembled at least one e-book of essays from board replies. – 06:33 AM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@hell0jed get used to it! when did that first happen for me… maybe a year after Columbine? – 06:36 AM GMT
mmmm donut – 06:37 AM GMT
Hm, flipping into twitter from an SF novel to read RTs of hacking outages in South Korean banks and media: not desirable. – 07:16 AM GMT
@deathmtn procreate, bamboo non-pressure sensitive stylus – 01:54 PM GMT
@PocketTactics @deathmtn what’s funny to me is it’s paredolic (?) – yellow squinty eyes, blue face, maybe a seamonkey head, facing left – 01:57 PM GMT
@LeVostreGC knowhutimean Vernal – 01:58 PM GMT
oh for fuck’s sake holding Perle to account NOW just extends his media life. GET HIM OFF THE AIR, HE IS A LYING SHITBAG. – 02:23 PM GMT
radio bracket. Vote now, vote often! scpr.org/news/2013/03/1… – 02:27 PM GMT
PUA BS in French is still PUA BS – 09:12 PM GMT
@deathmtn Brushes is OK, but no layers is a dealbreaker. For some reason, PS Touch is the only app in the category with color transforms. – 11:35 PM GMT