@middleclasstool what’s weird is it seems like some of my feeds did come thru already. – 01:30 AM GMT
@zipties excellent 1988 memory: magic brownie, then Van Gogh museum – 01:31 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt it’s sterile! – 01:32 AM GMT
@mighty_flynn thus the bacon strip on the jerseys. – 01:34 AM GMT
in reply to mighty_flynn@mubay doesn’t this limit your leadership pool to a handful of ninety-year-olds? – 01:36 AM GMT
@zipties it was awesome. In hindsight, though, that should have been my *second* visit to have maximized both retention and sensation. – 01:37 AM GMT
@mighty_flynn I know! How on earth do you screw up a letterweave? – 01:39 AM GMT
@BoringPostcards I think we are all getting that. – 04:35 AM GMT
“There are 27753 users in the import queue ahead of you.”Well, moving in the right direction at least. – 05:38 AM GMT
Hard to believe it, but I appear to have evaluated Reader in ’05, and definitely moved to it as a primary source by ’07. NetNewsWire prior. – 07:42 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt s1 = 1993, s2 = 1994. 1994 = End of TNG TV. Not sure abt creative migration, but there was a bit of jockeying iirc. – 07:48 AM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@arthurwyatt I was WAAAAY too busy in 1995-1999 to follow it, especially with increasing serialization, religious themes of no appeal to me. – 07:50 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt so oddly it remains somewhat undiscovered. I look forward to it. – 07:50 AM GMT
Appear to have signed up for Twitter on Jan 19, 2008. Still digging for a link. – 08:28 AM GMT
@paulconstant just saw yr roundup, with Trek and Canterbury in it. In the early 90s the tiny bar area at the Canterbury hosted ever-more … – 08:43 AM GMT
@paulconstant … TNG watching events every Saturday at 7 or so. Not organized or anything, but it grew and grew and eventually was too big. – 08:44 AM GMT
@paulconstant I still don’t know how it happened, but it was great, a roomful of Seattle hairfarmers prefunking to “Earl Grey, hot.” – 08:47 AM GMT
@paulconstant oops, “ever-more popular TNG events,” my bad. I blame my wizened and enfeebled dotage. – 08:48 AM GMT
@esinclai i am considering a manual build. GR claims I have 60 subs, I think there are fewer than that active. should be just a few minutes. – 01:56 PM GMT
in reply to esinclai@zipties hoooo – 01:57 PM GMT
in reply to zipties@wasta @zipties i mean hoooooooogh – 02:30 PM GMT
in reply to wastaRT: @alan_maguire: I’m currently annoying @carol_aman by replacing all the words in I Dreamed A Dream with “Jean Valjean” – 02:46 PM GMT
poked around in G+ app for iPad and there is NO WAY to block “Hot on Google+” spam-push content; no way to tame the layout. Fuck that. – 03:54 PM GMT
oops, wrong account! still true. – 04:51 PM GMT
no, right account! oh lordy oldmanism for sure – 04:51 PM GMT
@esinclai yeah. disruption! consolidation! FUCKERY – 04:52 PM GMT
in reply to esinclai@arthurwyatt with softfocus sparklies! – 04:52 PM GMT
in reply to arthurwyattupdate, old RSS still available at Picasa for excavation if ?noredirect=1 applied to old Picasa URL. For fuck’s sake. You are fired, Google. – 05:08 PM GMT
@mubay it is fancypants! even works on the ipad, amazingly. I was blinded by shiny. but you know, screw them. – 05:08 PM GMT
in reply to mubay@arthurwyatt you need a mego-blok blockbot – 05:09 PM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@sumit hell yesssss – 05:10 PM GMT
in reply to sumit@mubay oops mistooken that as about Picasaplus – 05:11 PM GMT
in reply to mubay“@Ihnatko: Formspring, a social network based around endless Q&A, shutting down at the end of March. formspring.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/for…” awww – 05:15 PM GMT
fooguckery’s driven me back to ye olde blogge. Paid selfhosted MT5.x, @anildash take note. mike.whybark.com – comments are effed. – 05:29 PM GMT
“There are 27007 users in the import queue ahead of you.” – 08:15 PM GMT