@deathmtn There are some ATV things that the JB does not resolve, such as HDCP issues, but I have XBMC +LAN mounting network vols up & fine. – 04:49 AM GMT
in reply to deathmtn@deathmtn …but the mini is still my primary playback device. iOS vs OSX. OSX is just better. – 04:50 AM GMT
pops up in between Puccini and whoever and it’s like a line of fire into your head. More please. – 05:50 AM GMT
@telemetrist the spot watch! – 05:50 AM GMT
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@sumit@theartscatalyst now *that* is SF shit sir – 02:49 PM GMT
MT@sumit: DNA testing in Deptford Market #biocurious via.me/-aidbdfa /// street-vendor genome sequencing. no, really. – 02:51 PM GMT
in reply to sumit@mubay @telemetrist data soup! – 03:07 PM GMT
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in reply to mubayRT: @will_sargent: MORAL IMPERATIVE RT I’m in SF and need somebody more knowledgable to help out immediately w/ sharding PostgreSQL. samuel@newsblur.com – 04:06 PM GMT
in cats. send help – 06:02 PM GMT
@jonrog1 @chrdowney how is that post equivocating? doesn’t that mean, essentially, lying or hedging? why would you call your own words that? – 06:35 PM GMT
@jonrog1 @chrdowney fair enough. seemed pretty straightforward but I guess maybe there was some frontloaded hyperbole I mighta missed. – 06:52 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm stay safe, yo – 09:55 PM GMT
theoldreader.com: “There are 27901 users in the import queue ahead of you.” hoo boy – 10:11 PM GMT